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Fade Away…

                     …and every poem was supposed to be about you.

All this while, in the boulevard of our dreams,

I was busy finding you, in a world we once lived in,
But little did my love filled heart know,
I will lose myself, instead.

Now that the sun is in denial and dusk is upon me,
With this night approaching, my nightmare is about to start,
Now that I have fallen into this pit of darkness,
You won’t show up with a lamp, knows my heart.

I will still look for you, waiting by the arch,
Come heal me before this wound turns into scar.
The more it gets pitch black, more I would want you here,
Or should I find my way out by setting my heart on fire ??

I don’t want to go away, and I want you to stay…
I don’t want to move on, I want to relive old days.

I ask him to talk, silence is what he chooses,
He hurts, he heals…
Painful are the secrets, the ones he shields.

He is on his own and I am not here to control,
But who will keep the account of every tear that rolls.
Thousands of things I want to talk about,
Millions of dreams to share,
But when I turn to him with all my heart,
All I can do is stare.

Even today his name gives me the sense of familiarity,
But reminds me of a home that’s long gone,
I wish to lay in his arms and talk, talk all day…
Gone are those days I guess, now my words just don’t play along.

I act all childish, I get very fierce…
He showers all his love, the ones I waited for years,
I need to tell him, he means the world to me…
But I don’t know how, words have taken the shape of tears.

He holds me tight, he leaves me loose,
He melts me down, does everything to amuse.
If time changes for better, I will do everything to woo,
And if he takes a step, I promise I will take two.

I will wait for the dawn, when there will be a silver line,
When the world will again be a better place,
and everything will be just fine.
When we will listen to your favorite music again,
and go to your favorite place to dine.

Find a love so pristine,
Dive in a love so divine!

But he wants to go and he wants to stay…
He has to move on but craves for old days.
He asked me to leave instead, well what could I say!
I better drift with time and slowly fade away…

All this while…
When I was trying to find you…
Little did my heart know…

2 thoughts on “Fade Away…

  1. This is exactly why writing is the purest form of expression. I can see the ink that bled out while writing this. Kudos to you. A painful masterpiece.

    Awaiting more! ^_^

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