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I am…

I am…

a pair of dauntless eyes who sees an ideal world and beyond in her imagination,
a pair of ears that listens to every bit of harsh truth and hurtful lies.
a lip that feeds me when I crave
and provides me with a comforting smile when it feels like I am in a grave.
a shoulder which keeps my head up in pride, leading to a backbone that keeps me alive.
a pair of hands that makes me independent and gives you arms to come hide, laugh and cry.
I got a pair of legs too, that helps me to stand up for myself and walk alone if required.
I am a womb you know that feels lucky to give life,
I am here in this moment and ashes next time.

I might not be ambitious and may sound ostentatious.
but I am passionate,
And for me, life is more than just a rat race.
I live and not just survive.
I am not the one to be put up in a box, to be tamed, to be generalized.

 I am trapped in a fragile body, imprisoned in my own mind palace,
I struggle to break free but don’t panic I don’t bear a malice.

I am a thought, a chaos, I don’t have any root.
Always free falling, flying all over
traveling so far, without a parachute.

I am a laughter that makes you skip a beat,
A cry that cuts you too, too deep,
A question mark that makes you take a book and flip.
You come close to find answers,
You do so but you move in stealth.

Not just you even I do the same,
Who am I… confined in a name.
Am I a stereotype, just a Cliché ??
Well finding that out wasn’t a child’s play.

Now you see my reflection but I see myself.
I am a dawn of hope and a dusk of pain.
An afternoon of patience and a night of silence,
I am a moment of leisure and a hectic day,
slowly turning into years down the lane.

I am the warmth in winter, a shower of love in rain,
a cool breeze in summer,
who teaches autumn to let go and embrace the change.
I am a cycle of seasons, a whirlpool of memory,
A picture clicked in Polaroid, a happy moment captured in summary.

I am a convention, I am the status quo,
I am a subtle change, dramatic on the go.
I blend with the color of mother nature like a butterfly.
I am beautiful, I am a kaleidoscope.

Call me a wanderer lost in her own way, walking lazily but in a haze.
I am the music worth listening to on an abandoned road,
I am a safety blanket, a sharp turn, a danger sign in bold.
I am a love letter in the revolutionary era of mail,
an adventure worth exploring, a voyage worth a sail.
A coincidence, a destiny, a destination you will say,
I am a mystery worth a thrill. A revelation worth a daze.

Essentially, I am just another voice wanting to be heard,
just another outline waiting to be discovered.
Yet another human trying to leave behind an example,
something larger than life, bigger than what a single entity stands for… 

I am a warrior, a survivor,
I am ready to unfurl.
Inexplicable, unstoppable, a dilemma.
I am a Woman, And I know my worth.

A word with my shadow-self” revisited by Preety Choudhary.

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