m!$t¥ m!rr%R

My Psychoanalysis

Hey, peeps! I dream too far and believe in them too much and for that reason, I have put my heart and soul into my blog ‘m!$ty m!rr%r ‘. Like everyone, I have an opinion on everything, at least everything that matters… to me.

My psychoanalysis is a reflection of thoughts that fogs our minds, our hearts, and our actions in the present day scenario. This is my rant, an analysis of various aspects of this world, beyond and everything in between. Just hoping fervently that our wonderful society where we live, work and operate in, will change someday, and just sitting, doing nothing about it is not my thing anymore.

And, of course, I have a selfish reason associated with it, I need to vent it all out and stay healthy, positive and sane, spread love, life, joy and a sense of purpose to otherwise troubled souls…
So here’s to a better life!

To tone things down a bit, I’ve thrown together pieces of my writing that don’t really fall into any genre. I have followed the little jitters in my belly and gone by pure gut feeling. They don’t need a reason to be there, they’re just there. So I let it be…

If I got you thinking, please take out few precious moments from your busy life, get that mug of hot chocolate or a lethargic cup of coffee or chai or whichever beverage you prefer and give my gift of writing a chance to take you on a ride and help you forget everything for once.

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I am counting on you to join me in our never-ending journey to a picture perfect parallel universe, which we all hope exists. Put on your imagination cap and ride along!
Let’s get started… shall we ?? 🙂