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Where is the LOVE !?!

~ Cause people got me, got me QUESTION, Where Is The Love !?! ~

So I get up this morning, plug in my earbuds and go for a jog, listening to the Radio and here is my favorite RJ  introducing me to the fact that today is “WORLD PEACE DAY ” and I am like “Ohhk… that’s great”!
I come back, find my newspaper at the doorstep, I pick it up and here it is again, in bold.

Well… GOOD!
But the headline of the first article was stating another story today.
Ironic… isn’t it ??

A normal day follows. Work, Work & Work.
But people do find out time to discuss the trending topics and some gossips over the lunch break to keep the day going and I don’t blame them either.
Man! Afternoons can be tasteless sometimes without some spice.
So the same topic continued here as well, turning a small room into a battleground for arguments, agreements, and disagreements. We were putting our ‘valuable’ opinions on the table to get it out of our system and to be served fresh.

Anyway, I come back, put up a news channel and it’s right there, flashing all over the screen.
all know about the unfortunate incident that shook us to the core, [ Yes, I am talking about Uri attack and every war that the world has faced or is going to face].

I feel restless and switch channels, unfocused. Here comes Vh1 and the song that got my attention back was “Where is The Love” with the lyrics going something like this:

“Madness is what you demonstrate
And that’s exactly how anger works and operates
Man, you gotta have love just to set it straight
Take control of your mind and meditate
Let your soul gravitate to the love, y’all, y’all

People killin’, people dyin’
Children hurt and you hear them cryin’
Can you practice what you preach?
Or would you turn the other cheek?”

and before I could get lost in my thoughts again… the song continued.

“It just ain’t the same, old ways have changed
New days are strange, is the world insane?
If love and peace are so strong
Why are there pieces of love that don’t belong?

Nations droppin’ bombs
Chemical gasses fillin’ lungs of little ones
With ongoin’ sufferin’ as the youth die young
So ask yourself is the lovin’ really gone

So I could ask myself really what is goin’ wrong
In this world that we livin’ in people keep on givin’ in
Makin’ wrong decisions, only visions of them dividends
Not respectin’ each other, deny thy brother
A war is goin’ on but the reason’s undercover”

Enough said. I turned off the TV. Reality hit me and it hit me hard.

Someday back I read a quote by Swami Vivekananda, sayingHow dare men call God infinite yet try to compress Him within the covers of a little book”.

This got me thinking. I really wanted to know who gave us the right to do so in the first place ??
And as we have divided the religions as per our norms and comfort, which of these books teach us to create havoc and unrest in this beautiful world ??
I grew up learning “Mahzab nahi sikhata aapas mein bair rakhna” and I believed in it, we all did somewhere deep down. But again my question is, WHO did ??
Who is responsible for the massacre around the globe ??

We all have tried to learn History lessons as a kid and while struggling to remember names and dates, we all know how it has been, since forever.

And as grown ups now, don’t we all want to know what’s wrong with the world ??
I do. Cause I see human but not humanity anymore, it’s on the verge of extinction, I presume.

For me and most of us, in fact for all of us, I think this world is a beautiful place and has space.
But I wonder what makes us think that we own every bit of it and we are the only ‘creatures’ this universe was once created for ??

We have assumed that the world is ours to conquer, have we turned so selfish that we have lost it completely ?? Or we are the proud ones, unfortunately, gifted with the ability to think and respond in all possible forms. One with “Brains” which makes us think that almighty created the entire human race just to rule the world. We are the ones who forgot all the lessons learned in biology class but strongly believes in Herbert Spencer’s phrase ‘survival of the fittest’ heading to the destruction of mankind and taking down everything and everyone else with them. What a poor fate and a waste.

I wonder if there is an amicable solution out there somewhere, bringing an end to all of this and let the peace prevail in the true sense.
I guess No.
But I still think “War” should be the last option, be it inside our head or around the globe. It can never be justified. Because the consequence it brings, ruins and barrens our heart, our home, our Earth, which takes ages to rejuvenate and become the hiding place of cowards and self- serving people like us.

Neither I wish to dig deep into the matter backing up with facts and figures nor I am here for any name calling. Neither would I support brutal slaughtering of innocent people nor will I stand the disrespect of any country’s Flag or blind remarks over it’s functioning.
Considering that we are sensible people, we should not stoop down to this level. We all know ‘Devil and Demons’ have no face, no religion, no soul.

I don’t wish to drag media, politicians or common man’s evident rage into this, neither am I underestimating anyone’s agony and pain that such incidents put us through. But sitting back at ease, shouting and provoking the concerned personals for revenge and counter attack without giving it a thought is a cake walk. Let’s all go and face the real drama happening out there and I would love to see how many of us steps back.
I am sorry to say but It’s easier said than done my friend!

I wish to ask all of you just this ” jab jung khud hi ek masla hai to jung kya maslon ka hal dega ” ??
When war is a problem in itself how the hell on this earth is that a way to find a solution. All I know is Bloodshed is not an option it never should have been, be it of any breed, creed, caste, color, country or religion. Cause the blood flowing inside all of us is the same color and is indistinguishable for a reason.

Whether the war takes place in our country or some other paradise, please keep in mind that we lose someone from our own race. If a bomb is dropped over our homes or somewhere far away at the border, it kills our brothers and sisters and scars our soul. Whether we celebrate our victory or regret over our loss, don’t forget at the same time there are many who mourns by a tombstone, by the remains of their devastated world. Every martyred soldier sacrifices his life for our peace, leaving behind hundreds of his family and friends in unrest, who die every single minute of the day in their absence. Do we care, No !!! We move on, giving our senseless remarks on some new trending topics at hand over a cup of coffee.
We remember the names of every celebrity, be it any Tom Dick and Harry but Alas! We forget the initials of our real heroes and the irreparable loss that the country suffers in the aftermath of such incidents.  A mean world indeed.

It’s high time my dear friends that we wake up and do something about it or be prepared to witness a nightmare and upheaval with our open eyes. Be ready to watch this mesmerizing world turn into a graveyard right in front of us.
But I am sure that’s not what we want and most of you would agree.

So I request each and every one of you, please play your part and make this stop right here right now before it’s too late.

Let’s not fight over a piece of heaven but let’s join our hands and make every bit a better place to live and breathe in. Heaven is a state of consciousness, let’s all rise and reach there together.

“You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I HOPE someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one”

I cannot thank John Lennon enough for each and every line of this heart warming song.

~”जंग टालती रहे तो बेहतर है, आपके और मेरे आंगन कि शमा जलती रहे तो बेहतर है |”~

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~“World Peace Day” revisited by Preety Choudhary.~

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